Sites that have used or are using DEMOKRATIAN

Sites that have used or are using DEMOKRATIAN

DEMOKRATIAN is free software, if you are a non-profit organization, political party or other similar organization or group, contact us and we will send you the latest version so you can try it and if you like it you can use it. Contact us at info@demokratian.org or through the contact form.

This application has been developed by Carlos Salgado Werner (www.carlos-salgado.es).

  • Biel Frontera for his various assistance
  • Antonio Garcia (rotobatorATgmail.com) for his contribution to the Federated authentication code.
  • To many friends for reporting to me ideas to improve the system.

If you need changes to adapt it to your needs or help we can give you technical support.


Here you can see some sites that have used DEMOKRATIAN for their voting. These are only the sites that have sent us feedback on their use or that I have found by chance. If you want your site to be listed here, send us an email indicating the web site, and if you want also your ideas to improve the application.