We have started the development of version 5, in which we are going to carry out a deep restructuring of the application model.

After many years of expanding and improving the application, it's time to stop and rethink. Demokratian emerged many years ago as a small voting application. Due to the rush to develop it at the beginning, I used as a base a small application that I had and that was developed following a procedural programming structure and with a very little structured data model. The application has been growing and the time has come to give it a spin and transform it using more modern paradigms using MVC and OOP. We are also dropping support for older php versions and will focus on version 8 and higher.

The initial version 5 may not have the multi-constituency option, as that's a part I want to give a full overhaul to allow for as many models as possible, and there's still a lot of thinking to do.

The new application will allow the use of different languages, a small blog and a system of external pages that allows a public part with more information.

If you dare to participate in the project of this version 5, now that it is in its initial phases, get in touch, your participation is very welcome and above all, very necessary.